In recent years H4 Maritime has undertaken projects in a number of countries including:

  • Hong Kong

    Where Captain Howell undertook a major review and analysis of the operations of the Hong Kong Marine Department making recommendations on surveyor training, amendments to local craft regulations, responses to the conclusions of a formal accident review, and the introduction of safety management systems in local craft.

  • Georgia

    Where an analysis of the existing primary and secondary legislation allowed him to draft a wholly new Seafarer's Code to give effect to the MLC for Georgia.

  • Zanzibar

    Where a gap analysis of existing regulations and procedures led to recommendations on changes to the existing laws and procedures aimed at aligning the registry and management processes with international best practice.

  • Azerbaijan

    Where, a workshop on the effects of, and the best approaches to, implementing the MLC for Azerbaijan was undertaken.

  • Georgia

    Where a workshop on implementing ISO:9001 for Georgia and a range of neighbouring counries was run as part of a major EU project.

  • Isle of Man and Cayman Islands

    In both administrations the Independent STCW Reg I/8 assessments were completed.

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